Green Skittles

The confusion was spreading across his face as Jimmy and one of his valued RBI clients sat across from one another. Jimmy’s client knew the importance of personal liability insurance but he wasn’t aware of professional liability insurance. And he had a question for Jimmy.

“Why do I need that?”

Jimmy froze for a second, and then a smile came across his face.

“Green Skittles.”

His client, clearly surprised by Jimmy’s answer, looked more puzzled. Jimmy confidently continued.

“Imagine that you are onstage talking with a huge audience of potential clients. As a business expert, they trust you and they are listening to everything you say. During this presentation, you tell your potential clients that what they need to improve their business is to eat Skittles. Lots of Skittles. But only the green ones.”

Jimmy’s client gave him a sideways glance.

“Um, OK!”

Jimmy continued.

“You keep telling the audience, ‘Eat green Skittles!’ After your presentation, many of the people listening run out, buy, and eat green Skittles. Soon afterwards, several people in your audience learn they are allergic to the ingredients in the green Skittles. They turn green and swell up like Violet Beauregard from ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.’ Now these audience members are upset! As a business expert, you told them that they needed to eat green Skittles to grow their business. They ate Skittles based on your advice but all they did was grow big and green themselves! Other than getting Incredible Hulk auditions, they can’t work anymore! Now they are looking to sue you for providing advice that not only didn’t help their business but also caused them to have an allergic reaction.”

A light of recognition flashed across his client’s face.

“Ah ha!”

Jimmy smiled and continued.

“If you have professional liability insurance, guess what?”

The client smiled knowingly.

“I get protected from the green Skittles!”

Jimmy nodded. “You get protected from business advice you share that doesn’t work for your clients.”

As they talked, Jimmy thought to himself, “He gets it!” It was a great feeling.

And it is a feeling that Jimmy, Chris, and Tracie experience frequently when assisting clients at RBI services. The RBI Services team works together to answer questions for the entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and small business owners every day. With their years of experience, Jimmy and the RBI team know the insurance coverage people need. They recommend the insurance their clients need to be fully protected and will never try and sell you an unnecessary coverage. As Jimmy always, say, “We will find you the proper coverage at the best price.”

If you have any doubts or concerns about the insurance you and your business need, but feel unsure, Jimmy and the team are ready to put your mind at ease. Ask them any questions.

Using the green Skittles story, Jimmy’s client gained insight about exactly how professional liability insurance can keep him from legal scrapes while still being able to share his knowledge and wisdom with his client base. And Jimmy helped the client obtain the professional liability insurance that best suited his needs. That’s pretty sweet!