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Commitment to our community is the backbone of RBI Services. Not every insurance company will serve nonprofits so honestly to confirm many receive their correct level of insurance. The RBI Services’ Team is devoted to nonprofits and ensuring they only pay for the services they need while safeguarding they are completely covered. Making decisions based on what’s right for each individual nonprofit and small business – plus giving back through serving on nonprofit boards and volunteering - creates a stronger community.



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RBI Services' Team - Like Having a Big Brother in The Industry

Big brothers give advice, look out for you on the playground, and keep the bullies at bay. As a nonprofit organization or small business owner, you didn’t start your business so you could do mountains of tax paperwork or struggle with insurance. RBI Services is like having a big brother in all three fields to keep you on track, letting you focus on your business.

Accounting Support

RBI Services provides 23 years of accounting and bookkeeping experience. Payroll too!

Insurance Products

Business Insurance, Auto Insurance, Home Insurance, Life Insurance…You Name It, We Cover It!


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We Are Here to Help

At RBI Services, relationships matter! You can count on us to be there for you when you need us most.

Financial Services

Accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, tax preparation and human resources…”one-stop shopping” for your financial needs.

Business Goals

It all begins with the relationship. At RBI Services, we make it personal. We connect with you as an individual, so we can provide the best service and products that are right for your company.

Life Events

Since we are about relationships, we are on the lookout for you! Added a new addition to your house? Added a new member of your family? Since we know you personally, we’ll look out and remind you when you need to update your financial security.


History and the people in Virginia are the heart of RBI Services. We’re dedicated to nonprofits, small and medium businesses, and all of the hardworking individuals in Virginia who make our network of relationships.

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