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RBI Services' History & Purpose

The “Secret Sauce” of RBI Services…Relationships

RBI Services is a team of professionals who safeguard your most important assets with an innovative, comprehensive suite of services that bring it all home.

It all begins with the relationship. There is power in personal connections. Today’s world forces us to rely on technology but the real connections, the ones that last, are made face-to-face. At RBI Services, Jimmy, Chris, Tracie and their team know their customers by name. They are always on the lookout for potential pitfalls that could impact their clients…watching for storms, understanding the latest tax changes, researching the latest tech insurance issues. Like a big brother looking out for your well-being, we take your business personally because it is built on personal connections.

The History of RBI Services

The history of RBI Services is rooted in personal connections. Having met through networking groups, the RBI Services Team have volunteered together for nonprofits, serve on boards together, and genuinely look out for each other’s’ best interest. Founded with the purpose that we want to support other businesses and families, RBI Services is committed to not just saying we care about the community but show it through our actions, words and hands-on activities EVERY DAY.

The Purpose of RBI Services

Our commitment to our community is the backbone of RBI Services. The same concept applies to businesses. Making decisions based on what’s right for each individual family and small business – plus giving back through serving on nonprofit boards and volunteering – creates a stronger community.
Jimmy Comer

Jimmy Comer is a licensed agent in Property and Casualty and Life Insurance agent who has earned the CLCS (Commercial Lines Coverage Specialist) and CPIA (Certified Professional Insurance Agent) designations. By personalizing his service for his clients, he plants the roots for a long-term relationship. Ensuring the specialized insurance needs for families and businesses are properly met is his passion and driving force behind the creation of RBI Services.

Jimmy earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Mary Washington and his master’s degree from the University of Richmond. Jimmy is an ardent fan of the University of Virginia and the Chicago Cubs. He has been an insurance agent for ten years but has been a master connector for decades. Known for his communication skills, Jimmy has conversations with his clients, asking the right questions, and listening to his client’s concerns and plans. By making the interest of his customers his primary focus, Jimmy has developed a strong customer base that is growing through client referrals.

Chris Smith

Chris Smith is an accountant. With 27 years of experience, and 18 of those years as a corporate accountant and division controller, Chris likes to use numbers to tell a story to personalize company information to his clients. As Chris shares, “Whether we are using numbers to buy another company, or perhaps set up a company to help Americans buy property in foreign countries, the story is important. At other times we were telling the story of the operations to the stock holder and stake holders. Even today, the numbers always tell a story to the owner of a company.”

Chris understands that the owner of a small business or nonprofit wants the freedom of time and knowledge so they can be good at what they enjoy. “A landscaper did not get into business to send invoices to their customers, they enjoy making a yard look nice. We handle the financial stuff that overwhelms owners.”

Chris graduated from the University of Washington in Seattle, WA with BA in Accounting. He and his wife have been married for 19 years and they have a daughter. Being from Seattle, Chris still follows the University of Washington football team and the Seahawks. Chris jokes, “I was a Seahawk fan long before it was fashionable.” His family and his interests are the reason Chris left the corporate world. “I want to be able to be there for my family and community.”

Insurance Team

Danielle Kollman
Casey Allmond
Customer Service Manager

Accounting Team

Karen Smith
Chaos Coordinator and Back Office Manager
Kelela “Kay” Shope
Payroll Manager and Bookkeeper
Cassie Mills