Nonprofits are our heart and soul at RBI Services.  Giving the best support to Virginia nonprofits for their insurance, tax and information technology needs is just a start.  All of our team members devote time, care, energy, and financial contributions to nonprofits.  Here are some of the positions on which we proudly serve in the community:

Jimmy Comer:

Chris Smith:

What else does the RBI Services’ Team love about the Virginia community?  We love the history. Historic properties, breweries, wineries, and museums are passions of ours.  Ghost stories fascinate us!   We love sports…baseball, football, basketball, you name it!  In baseball, RBI stands for “Runs Batted In.”  We named our company RBI – Relationship Business and Insurance Services- because it also means we go to bat every day for our clients!


2016 UNOS Volunteer of the Year

Celebrate! RVA's One Sponsor, One Child.

Celebrate! RVA Party

Medical Home Plus - Fluffy Jimmy Fundraiser

RBI Services' Christmas Under the Clocktower


Giving Back

Commitment to our community is the backbone of RBI Services. Not every insurance company will serve nonprofits so honestly to confirm many receive their correct level of insurance. The RBI Services’ Team is devoted to nonprofits and ensuring they only pay for the services they need while safeguarding they are completely covered. Making decisions based on what’s right for each individual nonprofit and small business – plus giving back through serving on nonprofit boards and volunteering - creates a stronger community.


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